Regional Information

Vulcan Business Development Society is involved with the following regional economic organizations:

South Grow

Southgrow is a member driven, non-profit economic development alliance for southcentral Alberta encompassing 26 communities. The regional alliance helps communities, organizations, businesses and people in the region to further their economic goals and to improve their quality of life. Southgrow has just launched its new website and has distributed the publication, SouthgrowN Savours, which showcases the farmers/ranchers, producers, processors and end users that make up the dynamic agri-food value chain in the Southgrow region. Too view some of SouthGrow’s Studies in this region click on the links below:


Community Futures, Highwood

Community Futures, Highwood, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community and economic development in their shareholder communities. Business information as well as loans to businesses and youth are available through this office.


Vulcan Brand innovation team – VBIT

The Prime Directive: To Boldly Go Where No Small Town Has Gone Before.
The Directive is Clear.

To brand Vulcan as the most technologically advanced small town in Canada while retaining an easy going rural lifestyle that is ideally suited to innovators, entrepreneurs and families.