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Canadian Sustainability & Water Solutions

Our goal is to offer creativity to the way we build our infrastructure. We support the investment in green technologies coinciding with other sources of energy. New technologies are important for growth and to continue to fuel the ever growing need for energy. We offer more options for products that will support a cleaner, greener and healthier way of life.

We can adapt to all types of needs in our projects. We cater to many different lifestyles in the simplest of forms.Your resources in the environment are important to you. We want to help get them to you in a more environmentally friendly way. By reducing your needs of consumption you will lower your impact on the resources.

Hours of Operation:
9:00 – 5:30 Monday – Friday
9:00 -5:00 Saturday

Website: http://www.csws.ca

Phone: (403) 485-2486

Fax: (403) 485-2492

Address: 103 Centre St.,
T0L 2B0
Vulcan, AB

Owner: Matthew Orr