A Great Place to Grow Your Business

Vulcan County is well-prepared to encourage new business enterprise while maintaining its attractive quality of life. For entrepreneurs interested in business, the area offers an ideal setting to operate a storefront or home-based business with fully-serviced residential and commercial properties.

High Opportunity

Midway between Calgary and Lethbridge, Vulcan County rises from the prairie landscape as one of the most promising rural communities in Southern Alberta. Rich in diversified economic opportunities – from the well-established, emerging, or untapped – the region boasts abundant potential for everyone.


Amid the fields of wheat, canola and barley and in close proximity to the urban centre for the oil and gas industry, the region is experiencing rapid economic growth. But, within our thriving business landscape, our residents retain a superb quality of life. Vibrant, family-focused and filled with community pride, the area is charming, friendly and safe.