The building permit process for commercial buildings is based on the Safety Codes Act, Permit Regulation and  Alberta Building Code. Plan reviews and site inspections are provided when needed to ensure all residents are safe. Other trade permits for electrical, plumbing, gas and mechanical may be required. Each trade follows its own set of codes and work must be completed by a qualified tradesperson.

Examples of projects that require a building permit:

  • new buildings or structures
  • decks, swimming pools or hot tubs
  • demolitions
  • relocations
  • repairs or alterations to existing buildings and structures
  • change of occupancy or use of a space

For all new commercial projects, including new buildings and additions, an approved development permit is required before a building permit can be issued. Most tenant improvements and repair projects generally do not require a development permit, unless the work being done alters the approved development permit.

To stay up to date on applications for Development Permits, pick up the Vulcan Advocate or check out the municipal websites.

Vulcan County Development & Permitting
Town of Vulcan Development & Permitting