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With a population of roughly 2,000 people, Vulcan is the largest community in Vulcan County and offers its residents all the amenities and services needed for the highest quality of life.

In close proximity to large metropolitan areas with all the small town perks, Vulcan offers a wide assortment of recreational activities, attractions and clubs, an elementary and middle/high school that serves the County and an assortment of restaurants, retail stores, building centers, service stations and financial institutions.

The Town of Vulcan is located on Highway 23, approximately 120 km southeast of Calgary and 95 km northwest of Lethbridge.

A Brief History of Vulcan

“When Vulcan, god of fire and patron saint of blacksmiths, pointed thunderbolts for Jupiter at the crater of Mount Etna” observed the Vulcan Review in 1912, “he was engaged in no grander occupation than are the people of the modern town of Vulcan who are making two blades grow where none grew before, and developing a grain belt and business centre that is phenomenal even for Alberta.”

Vulcan was established with the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Kipp-Aldersyde line. Town site lots were sold in 1910.

Street and avenue names in Vulcan originally included Apollo, Atlas, Juno, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Vulcan. They were later changed to numbers, but the town readopted them in 1998 for Vulcan’s 85th anniversary.

Vulcan later embraced a Star Trek motif, capitalizing on the name of Mr. Spock’s home planet. A starship model similar to the U.S.S. Enterprise greets motorists from the highway.
The tourist centre is called the Vulcan Trek and Tourist Station, Vulcan’s annual ball tournament and parade has been named Spock Days. There is an annual Star Trek Convention named Vul-Con.

Vulcan was incorporated as a village in 1912 and as a town in 1921.

Taxes and Assessments

Mill Rate 2017
Residential 13.364
Commercial 19.664
Farmland 13.364

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Municipal Contact Information

Municipal Office 403-485-2417