September 13th 2012

Red Tape Reduction Task Force releases Final Report

The Alberta government’s Red Tape Reduction Task Force heard input from small business leaders and associations from across Alberta from December 2011 through March 2012.

Input centered on ways to improve the regulatory environment in which small business in Alberta operates.

The task force worked with various government and business networks, such as chambers of commerce, the Business Link, Productivity Alberta and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to generate awareness about the task force and its work.

The task force held in-person dialogue sessions with small business leaders and stakeholders in the province at two locations (Edmonton and Calgary).

The task force received more than 500 online survey responses from a broad range of economic sectors. The task force also received written submissions and held meetings with business organizations.

As a result, the task force heard from a broad range of economic sectors from across all areas of the province, including upstream oil and gas, electricity, meat producers, financial services, science and technology, service sectors, transportation, and retail/wholesale.

Based on that input, Focusing on What Matters, the final report of the Red Tape Reduction Task Force, makes four recommendations:

  1. Develop a small business strategy that acknowledges and responds to the needs of Alberta’s small businesses.
  2. Strengthen Alberta government processes for making, amending and reviewing regulations.
  3. Work with governments and related bodies to streamline business regulations.
  4. Encourage a service delivery culture in government that is collaborative, user-focused and ensures greater accountability.

Final Report

ยป Focusing on What Matters