June 18th 2014

Spock Days parade was broadcast live for first time

Spock days first live broadcast 2014For the first time, the Spock Days parade was broadcast live. Here, AM1140 Sun Country’s Russell Skeet and Vulcan’s Sandra Cooke-Locken describe the parade as it goes down Centre Street on Saturday morning. Simon Ducatel, Vulcan Advocate

Vulcan will be the first rural community in North America to have a broadcasting network. The 22nd annual Spock Days parade was broadcast live through the Vulcan tourism website at 10 a.m.

“This is very exciting for Vulcan,” said Sandra Scott, the Vulcan Brand Innovation Team (VBIT) co-chair.

The VBIT, a group of local residents who work to promote Vulcan and explore different branding opportunities, have been working with Worldplay to be the first rural community in Canada to begin community broadcasting.

Vulcan’s debut broadcast happened on June 14 for the Spock Days parade at 10 a.m. Worldplay Live introduced the new network vTV through the Vulcan tourism website and also included additional coverage of various news stories around the event.

“We always have to be looking for ways to be breaking ground in everything we do,” Scott said.

Worldplay is a global company that offers an online video platform to allow customizable internet broadcasting that is available live or on-demand.

Scott said that Worldplay had been seeking a small rural community to invest in to start their community broadcasting. Vulcan was chosen because of the town’s unique branding of being known as the most technologically advanced rural community and the fact that the town also has fiber optic cables, a technology that uses glass or plastic threads to transmit data.

“Vulcan will be the showcase model for community based internet broadcasting,” Scott said.

The new Vulcan network vTV will be like any other network station, according to Scott. The network will have the option to broadcast live or recorded shows 24-hours a day, with an unlimited amount of channels. There will also be potential for Vulcan to promote Pay-Per-View with various events that take place in the town throughout the year, such as Spock Days.

“It has potential to be a big revenue stream for the town and county,” Scott said.

“This is a very big step for Vulcan and communities like us.”

For more information about community broadcasting, go to the Vulcan Tourism website at www.vulcantourism.com.

Jenna Dulewich, QMI Agency

The Vulcan Advocate