April 8th 2016

Sun Country EV Charger

The Electric Vehicle Charger provided by Sun Country Highways has been installed on the north side of the VBDS building for approximately 6 mothes now and has received a lot of attention.
Numerous Electric vehicles have taken the opportunity to stop and “fill up” in Vulcan giving them time to tour the town and spend money in our stores.

First electric vehicle charges up at VBDS (Vulcan Business Development Society) – http://www.vulcanadvocate.com/2015/10/31/first-electric-vehicle-charges-up-at-vbds

PlugShare – has this link to check in to the site – http://api.plugshare.com/view/location/76101
Sun Country Highway’s Website maintains a page describing our site here – http://www.suncountryhighway.com/en/Listing/Town-of-Vulcan


We can see that in 2-3 years, you will also start to see the new Tesla Model 3 coming into town, if this story sheds any hint of light on the demand in Alberta, and the rest of the world – http://insideevs.com/elon-musk-tesla-model-3-average-selling-price-expected-42000/ – “Early “Day 3” (Saturday, April 2nd) update moves the number to 253,000.”

With that in mind, along with other Electric Vehicle Makers responding to this interest, and demand, not just Tesla, but others will be going more in on Electric Vehicles, so having a growth plan for Vulcan’s Electric Vehicles would be good to start on now!