March 12th 2012

VBDS has gone Solar!

VBDS, along with partners Vulcan County and Lethbridge College have installed solar panels on the roof of the VBDS building in Vulcan.  The installation is considered `micro generation` (under 10kw) using solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert solar energy to electrical power.
Blackie based Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc.  mounted the six solar panels donated by Calgary based Invensun Environmental Corporation, on a frame with a capacity of 1410 watts. The solar panels are safely connected with Enphase micro invertors to the regular power service. The electricity produced supplies a portion of the electrical needs of the building. Any excess electrical energy will be metered and sent back on to the grid for a credit on the electrical bill. As of February 1, 2008, this is now possible through the Alberta Government’s Micro Generation regulation. Customers under 1 megawatt of nominal capacity can start by viewing the Application Guidelines on the Alberta Utilities Commission website. This project has a live data feed to monitor the output of the solar panels. This is the first micro generation unit in the Town of Vulcan.  Come by and have a look!