May 7th 2014

Vulcan Alberta and Worldplay Canada Partner to Develop Community Tube Network

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                 May 7, 2014

WorldplayVulcan Alberta and Worldplay Canada Partner to Develop Community Tube Network
Strategic union makes it possible for rural community to be the ‘most technologically advanced rural community in Canada’ a reality.

Calgary, AB (May 8, 2014) – Worldplay (Canada) Inc. an innovator in video distribution platforms (online video networks) today announced a long-term strategic partnership to provide a Community Tube video platform for the Town and County of Vulcan, Alberta. This partnership supports Vulcan’s vision of fostering and growing community through embracing the use of technology in people’s everyday lives.

“This locally produced real time video network, called a Community Tube, delivered via Axia’s high-speed fiber network, utilizes online video technology where the people of Vulcan can build community spirit and identity through the creation and sharing of content anywhere, anytime and on any connected device.” said Terry Mochar, President of Worldplay (Canada) Inc. “We are excited to leverage the power of video to create and foster community through the publishing of live events, video on demand, and business e-commerce to the town. We know these tools will not only create community, but will provide information in a format (video) that everyone is demanding.”

Video has become a powerful medium in people’s everyday lives through which they communicate, build community, share ideas, learn and are entertained. With the proliferation of the internet and the vast variety of connected devices, online video has become an even more powerful tool. In order to leverage the video wave, and to maintain small town culture, it is essential to provide tools and technology that allows all citizens to create and consume video.

“The Vulcan Brand Innovation Team is excited to leverage the technical expertise of Worldplay to develop and deliver a world class video platform.” said Sandra Locken. “We can’t wait to start broadcasting a range of informational, educational and entertainment shows; local events like the upcoming Spock Days and Summer Concert Series, or training and educational presentations. The only limitation is our imagination.”

About Vulcan Brand Innovation Team
Capitalizing on Vulcan’s long history of innovation and resourcefulness, VBIT works with both it’s community and worldwide corporations to bring technology to rural Canada.

VBIT (Vulcan Brand Innovation Team) Contact: Sandra Locken 1.403.336.0372

About Worldplay (Canada) Inc.
Worldplay powers captivating online video experiences to reach and engage audiences anywhere, any time. As a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) provider, Worldplay helps the world’s leading organizations in education, media and enterprise drive value through connecting customers with powerful and engaging online video content while reducing technical complexity, cost and bureaucracy.

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