May 1st 2015

Vulcan makes National Geographic

In the Loupe
With Bill Bonner, National Geographic Archivist

When a tornado touched down in Vulcan, Alberta, on July 8, 1927, people were taken by surprise. “The crowd gathered in the town streets and eating places and people outdoors suddenly noticed a most peculiar cloud in the southwest,” noted Genevieve L. Sales, a writer for the Herald Vulcan. Occupants of the open auto shown in the Loupe– and even the photographer himself– may now seem unwise to have lingered as the twister neared, but Sales explained why the did: “People in the street watched the monster, with keen interest but no fear. Some even went to take pictures… The lack of panic was probably due to the fact that many, never having experienced anything of this nature, simply failed to realize their danger.” Later, though, they must have realized their luck. The town’s curling rink was razed, and many buildings were damaged, but the storm took no lives that day.
— Margaret G. Zackowitz