April 11th 2012

Wind Energy Youth Presentations

The International Wind Energy Academy at Lethbridge College, The Vulcan Innovation Project, Vulcan Business Development Society, Rural Alberta Development Fund and Greengate Power Corporation put together a presentation for the grades 3 – 6 classroom’s in six schools (Arrowwood Community School, Milo Community School, Lomond Community School, Champion Community School, Brant Christian School and Vulcan Prairie View School) in Vulcan County on wind energy.  The students learned about renewable vs. non-renewable energy, how a wind turbine works, etc.  Each student made a wind turbine out of recyclable materials, where they tested its structure and continually made it stronger throughout the two hour presentation.  Greengate Power Corporation sponsored the presentation and supplied all of the craft supplies, a back pack for each student, a model wind turbine for each classroom that the students can build and see produce electricity as well as the novel “The new 50 things kids can do to save the earth.”