Lomond Project Citizenship

“On behalf of Lomond School I want to thank the VBDS board.  In the fall of 2015 we had the idea of having all of our junior and senior high students develop a small business that they could launch through the school.  100% of the profits would be given to charity.  So our students would increase their entrepreneurial spirit while being ethical citizens.  Students developed a business plan, marketing plan, and a product that could be sold here in Southern Alberta.
We want to thank your board and Marilyn MacArthur for the amazing contribution you made.  Our students were set on the right track through Marilyn’s teaching and encouragement.  She held them to a high standard, pushed them to think through the details and helped them to recognize how small business works.
We appreciate that your board recognizes that small business begins at this young age.  Our students love their home town and love living in Southern Alberta.  This new found understanding of business has them talking about the potential in the future.  Some of their businesses are continuing past the project.  With education the potential for our small towns only increases!
We raised over $6100 for our charities and again we thank you for the part VBDS played in this.  Thank you Marilyn for your partnership and expertise.  This would have been impossible without you!!

Melissa Gartly
Lomond Community School”

VTV put together an excellent video to showcase the hard work these students put into this excellent project.
Watch Here

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