University of Calgary Research Project

I’d like to draw your attention to an important research project into small and medium enterprises being undertaken at the University of Calgary. My hope is to create a sufficient volume of responses to the survey from Southern Alberta that we will be able to extract distinct trends and findings for our region that could be incorporated into our own business plan and help better inform regional government policy. I’m also hoping to have the study’s author – Dr. Simon Raby – to Lethbridge for a “lunch and learn” type event if there is sufficient interest once the project is complete.

For those of you that own/operate your own small businesses, I’d ask that you take a few minutes to complete the survey yourselves. (Independent businesses and organizations of less than 500 employees qualify.) It would be most helpful if you could also forward the link and/or this email to your colleagues and broader southern Alberta network where appropriate. (IE: Various associations and organizations that you belong to.)

Trevor Lewington
Chief Executive Officer
Economic Development Lethbridge
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