VBDS Industrial Land Strategy

The Vulcan Business Development Society (VBDS) is an Economic Development regional services provider serving Vulcan County, the Town of Vulcan and the Villages of Arrowwood, Champion, Lomond and Milo. The VBDS assists the regions existing businesses as they grow in their quest for success, while encouraging new businesses to set up and soar with the potential of countless dynamic economic opportunities.
Over the last several years it has become apparent that the need for serviced industrial land is of prime importance in our region.
The Town of Vulcan and Vulcan County have each participated in strategic planning sessions that has identified industrial and commercial development as key priorities. The community leaders from both municipalities have expressed a desire to collaboratively pursue the creation of a business/industrial park within Town and/or County of Vulcan.
VBDS with support of the Town and County, have been approved to engage an independent consultant for the purpose of completing a feasibility study for a shared Business/Industrial Park.
Being situated rurally, it can be difficult to react to tight deadlines for grants and funding for studies or infrastructure. Having an industrial land strategy in place will bring us one step closer to being ‘shovel ready’ when funding does become available.
As this has been a strategic goal of the two participating municipalities for more than 30 years, there have been provisions made in the participating municipality’s budgets for servicing and infrastructure.  However we do not have a strategic marketing plan in place to target the types of businesses that would be likely to set up business, invest in a building and settle in our area.  Having the tools to market ourselves effectively once we have identified the means will ready us for future opportunities.
By identifying suitable land and creating cohesive strategies for administration, finance, and development, both participating municipalities can pool their resources, discuss their individual budgeted funding, and research further opportunities that will enable them to collaboratively move forward with development if it’s considered viable.

ILS RFP 2017 industrial-ls-rfp-2017
LS RFP Addendum rfp-addendum-ils

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding the RFP or the project.