Town of Vulcan

A mayor, deputy mayor and five Councillors, govern the town of Vulcan.  You can access the agendas for all of the town council meetings as well as the adopted minutes at the Town of Vulcan website.  The Town’s financial reports, public notices and bylaws are also listed for your reference.

With a population of approximately 2000, the Town provides services ranging from water, sewer and solid waste collection to street maintenance and a wide range of recreational facilities.

We take pride in our community and in providing a safe and healthy environment for our residents.

Town of Vulcan Municipal Government Mayor, Tom Grant
Chief Administrative Officer, Kim Fath
Municipal Office

Municipal Information for the Villages in Vulcan County

Vulcan County Municipal Government Reeve Jason Schneider
Chief Administrative Officer,
Nels Petersen
Municipal Office
Arrowwood Municipal Government Mayor, Matt Crane
Chief Administrative Officer, Christopher Northcott
Municipal Office
Carmangay Municipal Government Mayor, Kym Nichols
Chief Administrative Officer, Heather O’Halloran
Municipal Office
Champion Municipal Government Mayor, Jamie Smith
Chief Administrative Officer, Patrick Bergen
Municipal Office
Lomond Municipal Government Mayor, Brad Koch
Chief Administrative Officer, Tracy Doram
Municipal Office
Milo Municipal Government Mayor, Barry Monner
Chief Administrative Officer, Christopher Northcott
Municipal Office